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Real Estate Investments are a Game of Numbers

Real estate, is a game of numbers. we, as investors we want to get our investment on the right point to reach a big benefit for us. so that’s how Mad4maths started.

We are a site for investors that are constantly struggling to evaluate if a real estate investment is profitable or not.

Wait for our newest tips and tricks to evaluate every single real estate investment in any where in the U.S.

The Multiplication Game

Real estate a game of numbers.
It’s a calculation of the current asking price of an investment, repair costs with a restoration company and how much the property can be sold for. that’s the entire multiplication game.

If you know how to play correctly with your numbers, then you profits on any of your investments will shine.

Here, at, Mad4Maths we also teach our readers how to market their properties to a new level of marketing where they can easily flip within 1-2 weeks the properties they’ve been working on.

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